Sunday, June 10, 2012

Upside Down, Inside Out, An Interesting Error In Topps Series 2 Baseball

I've been reading a lot of comments about 2012 Topps Series 2 Baseball. Like just about any product, you'll find people that love it, and loathe it. I haven't opened up enough to make that decision yet. But I have opened some, and know at least 3 things that I like about it.

As I was sorting a box of it, I enjoyed what I was finding, and questioned some of the content too. To me, Topps flagship is always a fun break, but not a very exciting one. You get a lot of cards, you get a lot of inserts, and you get to build a set that still has some stroke with long-time collectors.

This year there are all kinds inserts to chase, some short-printed cards with great, and really funny photos. It's a lot to take in, especially for those that just want to put a set together and not have anything get in the way.

Topps has finally found a way to add some extra value into this line that collectors have been complaining about for years. In this industry you can never please everyone. It's nearly impossible. Collectors are all different, but many dump their base cards and this is a set made up of mostly base cards. Hit seekers generally stay away from it, while at the same time bashing it. Then you have the set builders that are a tad anal, and they just want a big set to build. Adding SPs, memorabilia and autos is the last thing they want to see. Guess what they do? Complain about it.

Well, after sorting, I found some of the surprises that collectors are either happy or bummed about, but I also found a couple of surprises that I am pretty sure Topps didn't intend to be in the set.

Pirates catcher Rod Barajas is supposed to be card #391 in the series. The two cards of Barajas that I found in my box are a little different than the regular card #391 in the set. The first card of Barajas is indeed #391, but when you flip the card over, the number is in the upper left corner instead of the lower right corner. In other words the back is printed upside down.

About 7 packs later I put card #395 of Jonathan Lucroy in order. Lucroy is #395 in the set. About 2 packs later I found out that Barajas is also card #395. I pulled this second version of Barajas that is numbered incorrectly.

Now the question remains... is it simply an error? Is it a planned error/variant? It made me wonder how many people even look at their base cards anymore? Do you? Did you find any unreported variations or errors in your packs of Series 2? Be sure to share them here!

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