Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Press Pass Ignites a Flame For NASCAR Card Collectors

Filled with gear from the 2013 Daytona 500, autographs from today's top drivers and a beautiful looking base set, Press Pass revs up racing cards with 2013 Ignite. With at least 1 autograph and 1 memorabilia card per box, Ignite, now in its 2nd year provides plenty of thrills and even some bonus hits for some lucky collectors, giving new meaning to the term Hot Box! Have a look at what the product delivers:

Booklets, Laundry Tags, Crown Royale Pair Up for 2012-13 Panini Preferred Basketball

One of the most popular basketball releases in recent years returns for 2012-13, boasting a dual rookie class, laundry tags, patches, on-card autos from superstars past, present and future, and a variety of colorful parallels to make any NBA fan ecstatic. Check out what you could find in the elegant Panini Preferred Basketball product by tuning in to this video:

Monday, April 29, 2013

Find On-Card Autos of Top Prospects in 2013 Press Pass FanFare Football

The Draft is done. It left many confused and bewildered, but if you listen to Cardboard Connection Radio, you'd know we spoke about how all of the offense players getting hyped were NOT going to get selected early. It seems the NFL agreed, as names like Geno Smith, Matt Barkley and many more weren't chosen until round 2 or later!

In a year where OTs, DTs, OLBs, and S had the advantage, it will be interesting to watch 2013 sets because the early ones are offensive player heavy with QBs, WRs & RBs that were left on the board for much longer than they anticipated.

There's no doubt that a talented player or group of players will emerge as outstanding from deep in this draft, it always happens. Some of the best players in the NFL Hall of Fame came from later rounds.

Let's see how 2013 Press Pass FanFare football fares... It contains on-card autographs of the top prospects and some very low numbered parallels and inserts. Priced at about $85-90 you'll get 5 cards per box or will you???

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

SAGE Autographed Football Delivers Draft Pick Autos Just In Time For Annual Event

With 2 autos per pack, hot packs, hot boxes and unique new packaging SAGE Autographed Football returns for 2013 with over 60 subjects including Geno Smith, Matt Barkley, Manti Te'o Giovani Bernard, Eddie Lacy, Cordarrelle Patterson and more.\

With a draft that's leaning heavy towards a 1st round full of linemen, the checklist also includes Luke Joeckel, Datone Jones, Sheldon Richardson, Bjoern Werner too.

Have a look at what I found in a box:

Monday, April 22, 2013

2013 Topps Tribute Baseball - High End, High Yield, High Stakes

I've always liked the concept and appearance of Topps Tribute. It looks elegant, I'd say it would be the BMW of collecting. It's not the Lamborghini, but it is a brand that stands out on its own, is of a higher grade than other baseball cards and it usually delivers. You might find a lemon every once an awhile, or you might enjoy an experience of a lifetime.

Make sense to you? Not every box of Tribute is a game-changer, some are, but even in the boxes where the value doesn't seem to match up, there could be some long term potetnial that turns a mediocre box into a powerhouse down the road. I've had a few experiences like that with this product over the years because of the widespread mix of players on the checklist. Tribute's best element is the inclusion of baseball players from the past, present and future. From Willie Mays to Prince Fielder to Manny Machado, a multitude of generations is covered.

Originally priced at nearly $350 per box, it's come down to about $275. For all of the great elements like bat knobs, bat plates, eye black and the great looking designs and autos, there are a few shortcomings too. Small white swatches for instance are something you can find anywhere, they should be larger than life in a product like Tribute.

Have a look at what's in a box.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Impact Wrestling Cards Return with LIVE from Tristar

As Impact Wrestling embarks on a road tour for their televised events, leaving behind the Orlando studio, Tristar has conjured up a brand-new set to coincide with the celebration.

An all-new 109-card set with nearly 50 autograph subjects, up to 12 autos on a single card and memorabilia from TNAs top stars including the Knockouts and most recent roster additions, it is another outstanding effort.

Have an in-depth look at the set:


Leaf Brings On-Card Autos of the Top 2013 Draft Picks & Johnny Manziel Too!

2013 Leaf  Metal Draft Football has quite a few surprises within boxes and cases, but the two things you need to know about the collection are: it brings you on-card autos of over 70 top NFL Draft hopefuls, and the first autographed cards of Heisman winner Johnny Manziel.

There are 5 cards per pack and they are all autographs!

Here's what I found in a box:

Tristar's SignaCuts Baseball Returns with 2013 Bronx Edition

Many collectors would balk at the premise of a one card per pack product. If there isn't a set building element involved, I prefer cutting to the chase. Tristar has had solid success with the formula within the SignaCut product line. It's back for 2013 with Bronx edition.

Loaded with players that donned the pinstripes for the Bronx Bombers, or as some might refer to them, as the Evil Empire, this is a very cool opportunity to score a fantastic cut signature for a fairly affordable price.

For under $50 you could add a Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson, Joe DiMaggio or 1 of many other Hall of Fame or HOF caliber player to your collection. Of course there are some guys that aren't that great too, but many are tough to find players with little or no autographs on cards.

For the Yankees aficionado, it is a great way to bolster your collection with a solid element of fun.

Check out what you might find in a box, as well as what I did find...

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Big Hurt, Rocket Ismail, The Soup Nazi and Me?!?

They say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. I am living proof that is not true. I lived there for nearly 12 years and got out relatively unscathed. I've only been back 3 times since I left. It's a fun place to visit, but I wouldn't wanna live there!

I just returned home from the 2013 Industry Summit. It's an event not like many others. You get a room full of power players in the trading card industry for four days of rubbing elbows, making deals, pitching products and big announcements. It's four days of non-stop information with ample time to catch up with old friends, make new acquaintances, and most important... take care of business.

On the last day of the event, Chris Carlin, the PR machine at Upper Deck asked me to be a part of a bit he was filming for an upcoming April video. It was fun, as my friends Rob Bertrand and Wayne Frazer were also part of the shoot. A couple other guests at the Summit were also part of the video, you might have heard of them: "The Big Hurt" Frank Thomas, "The Soup Nazi" Larry Thomas, and "Rocket" Ismail.

The premise is that Upper Deck is bringing gum pack to packs of cards. I'll let you see how that works out for them. Enjoy the video.

Cryptozoic Provides Collectors With An Inside Look at Castle Seasons 1 & 2

With the 100th episode of Castle coming to TV this month, there's a reason to celebrate for fans of the show, and its cult star Nathan Fillion. One way collectors can get even closer to the Castle action is with the latest trading card release from Cryptozoic Entertainment. Castle Season 1 & 2 trading cards are finally in stores and collectors are snatching them up quickly.

The 72-card set features highlight from the first two seasons of the show and includes wardrobe and autographs from the shows top stars.

If you'd like to see what's inside a box, look no further...