Monday, June 4, 2012

Redemption Report Jimmy Howard by way of Cam Fowler - Mail Day

I'll take a card of a Red Wings player over a Lame Duck.

Playoff Contenders Hockey has delivered strong two years in a row. Last year I opened a phenomenal box that included Rookie Tickets of Jeff Skinner and a redemption card for Cam Fowler. The Skinner was a great addition to my collection as he is a Gold Medalist, and Calder Trophy winner. I thought equally high of the Ducks Fowler who was once touted as a possible top 5 draft pick.

I'm thinking part of the reason he dropped to 12 is that he can't sign his name. It's either that or he has some issues that pushed him down the list a bit that may be reliability related. I mean nearly every one else signed their rookie tickets for 2010-11, and superstars like Alex Ovechkin and Sydney Crosby have signed thousands of cards in the past couple of years. So have NHL icons Wayne Gretzky and Gordie Howe, so why hasn't Mr. Fowler? One can only guess that he believes he is better than those aforementioned players, right? Why else would he not be able to sign a few measly trading cards?

Whatever the reason is, it makes Fowler nothing more than a lame duck. Collectors may never get to enjoy his premiere autographed rookie card because he is a slacker! I waited patiently too. I submitted the redemption card to Panini on 8/23/2011. I actually sat on it awhile hoping he'd get his signatures back to them so I wouldn't have a long wait. Well, Cam... it's nearly a year later and longer than that for you to have actually signed, and guess what, you stiffed em'. So thanks for nothing!

I thought I gave him enough time, and Panini had just launched their Twitter customer service account, so I reached out to them. Within minutes I had a response and an inquiry of my favorite team. Within a day I had a choice for a replacement and within a week from that time had a new card in my hands. This awesome Jimmy Howard (thanks for signing on time), is a Mirror Gold parallel auto out of the Certified product. It is #'d to 25 and a more than suitable replacement. Major props to Panini for handling the issue so quickly and major gas face to Cam "I can't sign my cards" Fowler. 

The lesson for the day? Cam Fowler like other athletes that don't live up to their contractual obligations get the gas face!

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  1. The new Panini CS department is doing a fine job, I must say.