Sunday, June 17, 2012

SNAPPED! A SIGnificant Card Quickie - 2010 Press Pass Showcase Dale Earnhardt Jr. Auto

The drought ends, here's to hoping it's
 not so long for his next victory.
In my opinion, well, because yours doesn't really matter to me (unless of course you want to buy all of my cards for me), I think that Press Pass Showcase is the best NASCAR product ever made. Every year has been a home run release filled with amazing autographs, memorabilia and magic that isn't really found in any other racing product.

It's expensive, yes, but the results have usually been worth it, at least in my case. I've pulled some true gems out of the product including this one.

It's been 4 years and 143 races since Dale Earnhardt Jr. won a Sprint Cup race. He wasn't just hungry for a win, he's on a drought that would make the Mojave Desert look like the great lakes. He's been abused by the media, race fans, and collectors who doubted his greatness. At the same time, he arguably has the most dedicated fan base in the world of sports. Today, that drought ended and the losing streak has been snapped.  Ironically his last win was also in Michigan. While Earnhardt is time and again the popular fan favorite because of his deep family roots and good-guy persona, I always feared this card was going in the toilet because he just couldn't catch a break or win a race.

Glad, I don't have to worry about that for awhile. He's having an excellent 2012 season.

This is card #EEI-DE from the 2010 Showcase set and is one of my favorite autographed card series. I have an affinity for acetate cards and this happens to be one of them. I also love silver ink signatures. Not only is it a clean sig, it also has JR's authenticity sticker on it!

Great card, great day of racing. Congrats Jr.

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