Saturday, March 30, 2013

ITG Shoots & Scores With Motown Madness A Trading Card Tribute to the Detroit Red Wings

There are not many sports franchises that can be the sole subject of a trading card product. The NY Yankees, Real Madrid, The Montreal Canadiens, The Dallas Cowboys, Manchester United, The Boston Celtics and the LA Lakers could easily fill their own sets, but not too many other ones could and make money for a card manufacturer.

The Detroit Red Wings are another one that can fill a mighty long checklist with top names and at the same time make many fans and collectors reminisce about the 90+ years of making Detroit affectionately and passionately known as Hockeytown.

In The Game absolutely nailed this set. From the base cards to the manufactured patches to the autographs and real game-used items this collection will appease a Red Wings fan like no other.

I can already hear other hockey fans crying about this one. Guess what, if you are open-minded there is something here for you, if not... tough. It's called Motown Madness for a reason jerky!

Check out the box break video and if you want some more info about the product, be sure to visit the Cardboard Connection Motown Madness page.

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Soup Nazi talks to Cardboard Connection Radio

On the next edition of Cardboard Connection Radio, our interview from the Industry Summit with the incredible Larry Thomas AKA the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld will air as part of a live show.

Larry was an awesome guest. Funny, appreciative and genuine, a great guy. He was so cool that he worked a little magical phrase especially for Cardboard Connection listeners...

Here's a clip of the interview

If you'd like to add this autographed photo of the Soup Nazi to your collection, make sure you are following @CardboardRadio on Twitter and tweet what the Soup Nazi says to us in this clip to be entered in a drawing for the photo.

You have until Wednesday, March 27, 2013 at 11:59 PM Central Time to enter.

A tremendous thanks to Dave and John at Sweet Deal and long time friend Scott Schwartz for making this possible.

Friday, March 8, 2013

New Guests Bring Significant Impact To Cardboard Connection Radio

Wednesday night we welcomed Mandy Fuerst from Tristar, Brian Gray from Leaf Trading Cards, and Colin Barnicle the producer of the ESPN 30/30 short The Holy Grail on the show. We were also supposed to have Scott Gaeta from Cryptozoic on the show. For some reason, he no-showed even though we double-checked for confirmation. While we were disappointed that happened, it didn't put a damper on an amazing show.

We talked about TriStar's brand-new Impact Wrestling LIVE! wrestling card product hitting stores in a few weeks as well as the National Sports Collectors Convention autograph pavilion with Mandy. She gave us great info about the schematics for their products and some hints on potential upcoming projects. It was fun after meeting her many times to finally have her on the show.

Colin spoke very candidly about his documentary of the esteemed and scrutinized Honus Wagner T-206 trading card that is currently valued at over 2 million dollars. It was a great discussion about a topic that has been talked about by many for years, and will continue to be for many more.

Brian Gray earlier in the day had dropped the bomb that his products included a mystery redemption card of one Heisman winning Johnny Manziel. We spoke with Brian about the major announcement and some other Leaf happenings. He's continuing to break ground as a manufacturer and is finding ways to deliver the cards he wants to put into collectors hands. Always interesting.

If you missed the show, here's a link to the archive to listen:

Tune in tonight for an all-new show with artist Sean Kane of Painted Glove Collectibles 
editor of the Cardboard Connection Ryan Cracknell, Law of Cards with Paul Lesko and NHRA and NASCAR racer Nicole Lyons. Listen live at 10pm EST: