Saturday, June 16, 2012

Are you listening?

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One of the best things about doing a live radio show about trading cards and collectibles is that anything can happen at any time. We talk about a lot of things, sometimes it spins wildly out of control, and sometimes it is controlled insanity.

Recently, as part of the 2011 Industry Summit, we decided to add a new segment to the show. It's focuses on Local Card Shops and their importance to the trading card industry. We've dubbed it -- LCS Spotlight. It is a fantastic source to find out information about opening a store, tips and tricks to help your shop succeed and a whole lot more.

I encourage anyone to listen that has thought about, is currently operating or just ready to open up a shop. The information from past guests including Alan Narz, Wayne Frazier and Mark & Donna Rubin is priceless. Their years, and experience in this business are a blueprint for success.

Check out the Cardboard Connection Radio archives to tune in.

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