Sunday, June 24, 2012

Flea Market Fun

I've heard it all over the years. I've been accused of being a shill, I've been told I wasn't a real collector because I receive product for review, and I've even had people tell me that some of the things I suggest either in an article or on my show are outlandish, impossible or too expensive. I just shrug most of it off because I don't like narrow-minded or closed-minded people.

I have to admit it though, the one about being a real collector has always bothered me. That's a load of crap. I have been collecting trading cards since I was 4 years old in 1974. I have a vast collection of Reggie Jackson cards, and constantly continue my pursuit to get them all. I have purchased cards in some of the strangest places including hardware stores, garage sales, swap meets, estate sales and flea markets.

I've also slowly been introducing my kids to cards. They've opened boxes of comic ball and Topps BIG baseball. They horde my duplicates of NASCAR and sets with superheroes, but they don't have a lot of interest in Baseball, Football, Hockey or Basketball.

Having just returned from a long weekend at the NHL Draft, I thought it would be good to have a guys day out. I also wanted to let my wife have a little quiet so she could write up her blog in peace, after holding down the fort. We got out of the house early, and planned a day out. It included mini-golf, lunch, and some shopping at the local flea market. They wanted to look for some video games, I wanted to look for some deals. They got some Mario Bros. games and I found some cards. I spent half as much just to get into the market than I did on the cards I picked up. The Jeter was for my boys.

I think for $2 I did pretty darn good. Here's my haul...

 How do you think I did?


  1. You did great. If you and your kids had fun ir was worth it.

    1. Thanks! Gotta love the crazy places you can find cards.