Saturday, June 2, 2012

Redemption Report Eric Berry - Mail Day!

Prime jersey, nice sig, worth waiting for? I guess we'll see!

I love getting mail, the good kind, not bills or junk, I like getting cards . Sent in via online code redemption on 1/29/2011, it's been a year and 5 months since I pulled this out of a pack from the 2011 Plates & Patches release. It was a card I wanted, as Berry was the #5 overall selection in 2010 and was the first Chiefs rookie to make the pro bowl in several years. He had a fantastic rookie season and of course I wanted to add this one to my collection.

Time passes, the season ended and 2011 rolls in. Berry promises a huge sophomore season and then it happens... Torn ACL. Done. Gone for the year. The potential of the card goes in the crapper and I have never even seen what it looks like...

Perhaps though, him getting injured gave him some time to sign his autos and I should be thankful right? Not! I don't wish injury on anyone, he should have signed them in November and December of 2010 before the product shipped.

Anyhow, it finally arrived at the office on 5/7/2012 and here it is in all of its glory, a couple of initials. his number scribbled next to it and a 3-color prime patch piece that save this from being a total hot mess.

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