Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Smallville Adventure Finally Comes to A Conclusion

In July I made a decision to purchase a couple of Cryptozoic products. We've had  a few of the guys on our show a couple of times, but I had never opened a box of their product, just some packs here and there. I like what they do, but I made myself a solemn promise that I would play up or tear down a product on the air without opening more than a few packs.

I review and discuss a lot of products. However, I don't get them from Cryptozoic. My dilemma was that I am  diehard fan of Smallville. I never missed an episode. I go way back to the days of Pete and Lana all the way up to Darkseid and Clark finally putting on the suit and flying. It was a no brainer that I was going to buy a box or two.

When my box finally arrived (it came with a box of Fringe, my other favorite Sci-Fi show) it looked like any other box I've ever opened. There was  no noticeable damage It was shrink-wrapped, and I was ready to tear into it to sort a set and see who the memorabilia and autograph cards were.

When I picked out the first pack, I immediately knew something was wrong with the box. You see, each pack is supposed to contain 5 cards. The first one was extremely light. When I opened it there were only 2 cards. The next pack had 6 cards. The next pack had a memorabilia card and so did the next 6. Yeah you read the correctly, there were seven memorabilia cards in the box!

7 amazing hits in one box!
Unfortunately there was no autograph to be found. Also, the collation was off and I got about 15% of the base set. On top of all of that, two of the memorabilia cards and several of the base cards were damaged unlike anything I've ever seen out of a fresh pack from a box in my 35+ years of collecting.

The San Diego Comic Con was going on so I kind of knew I should wait a bit before contacting Cryptozoic customer service, so I gave twitter a chance and like I figured, they were all taking care of business at the con. After eventually contacting them about the box, I opened up a trouble ticket and told them what had happened and showed them the photos I took of the damage. After a couple of email exchanges, they told me to mail them the box top, the emails and my contact/mailing info, and they'd take care of it.

 I sent it all certified right before I left for a vacation on August 3rd thinking I'd come home to the replacements on the 14th. It didn't go as planned. I checked my mail once during my trip and saw that they were now requesting I send in the damaged cards. I thought it was a little weird that they didn't ask in the first place, so while I was a tad perturbed, I sent them in on the 15th of August. The customer service agent assured me, they'd make up the extra postage cost with some goodies.

 On August 29th I received a package from Cryptozoic. I was stoked. I couldn't wait to see what was inside. I can tell you they made it up to me. First off, the 2 damaged memorabilia cards were replaced with mint ones.

 In addition to the two replaced memorabilia cards, they also replace the many damaged base cards and the missing autograph. I was thrilled to get this Cassidy Freeman auto. Tess Mercer was a fantastic character and I didn't have her in my collection.

I was already feeling pretty good about the returned cards, because honestly, that's all I really wanted, but there was more. In addition to the returned cards, there were 7 fresh packs of Smallville cards. How did I fare? Quite well, I found these...

I have to say that Cryptozoic really took care of the situation. While it wasn't the smoothest transaction I've ever dealt with, the results were certainly worth the wait. Thank you Cryptozoic.

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