Saturday, August 18, 2012

2012 Topps Football Gives Collectors A Proper Kickoff to the Upcoming Season

Football is the sport I watch and collect more than anything. As a kid the only game in town was the base Topps set. In recent years, I stopped following it in favor of compiling autographed rookie cards of new draft picks. It's still my focus, but after seeing the sell sheet for this year's model, I was very curious. It appeared that the crew at Topps figured out that they really need the flagship to set the tone for the season. Of course that's always their goal, but this year they nailed it.

From on-card autos, to revisiting some of the Topps legacy through several insert set and creating unique and attractive chase cards for hobby, blasters, value boxes and HTA jumbos, they really delivered a spectacular assortment for NFL enthusiasts.

I created this video wanting the images to showcase how good it is. To do that, I show you every insert found in a single hobby box and at the end show the goodies you can collect at the retail level.


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