Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Another Item to Cross Off the Cardboard Connection Radio Bucket List - Thank You Jared Kelley and Sport Kings

When I created the Cardboard Connection Radio show, I made a bucket list of guests and things I wanted to see the show accomplish before it came to an end. Most of those things have happened believe it or not. Broadcasting from the National Sports Collectors Convention, the MLB All-Star Game, the NHL Draft etc., etc. were on the list and crossed off. Interviewing industry professionals, great athletes, entertainment stars, and collectors was the driving force  behind us creating the show, and on my list were Reggie Jackson, Gene Simmons and the Ultimate Warrior. Believe it or not those goals were met years ago. One that I wasn't sure would ever occur, finally happened and we didn't have a thing to do with it taking place.

I loved seeing the Upper Deck and Topps logos appear in video games. You know, like on the diamond vision, or as a stadium ad. I have always wanted our logo to appear on a trading card. Not as one that we created, though some day that might happen, but as a part of the actual card.

Well, thanks to our friend and CCR listener, artist extraordinaire Jared Kelley, I can now cross that off my list. Jared has produced an amazing assortment of 1/1 hand-painted cards for In the Game's Sport Kings redemption program at the 33rd National in Baltimore. On one of those cards, a great choice by the way, is the Cardboard Connection Radio logo. It happened to be someone that was on our list to hopefully interview someday, the legendary Dale Earnhardt. While we missed that opportunity because of his heart-shattering, and untimely passing, I could not think of a cooler thing that anyone has ever done for us in this hobby.

Thank you Jared and Dr. Price. Me, the man with the mouth that never stops, I am truly humbled.

If you'd like to see all of Jared's amazing art for the National redemption program, visit this link.

I hope you have a tremendous National Sports Collectors Convention outing.

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