Sunday, September 2, 2012

2012 Topps Finest Football - 1997 Called & Wants to Have a Word With You

Numbers mean a lot in the trading card world. Collectors thrive on knowing their item are limited. You can just do a quick search on eBay and see for yourself that cards #'d to 50 or less are more desirable.

With a very populated NFL product schedule, there will be more rookie cards of the 2012 draft class than you would care to count. Topps just release Finest Football and while I praised the magic they put into both the Baseball and UFC versions of the product, the NFL one harkens back to the days before memorabilia and autographs became standard, and while the cards look terrific, the schematic of the set and the numbering used on the rookie cards fails to deliver what one would expect out of a product titled Finest.

See for yourself and you be the judge...


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