Saturday, July 6, 2013

Pure + Plexiglass = Happy Collector

Yeah that headline lacks some pertinent info, but I don't usually inflict a lot of opinion into a box break. This time however, I felt it was abundantly necessary. You see, I am happy. A technology that I love has returned to the hobby. I love acetate cards. Love em. There's something about the clear, see-through nature of creating a card that looks good when you can see right through it. Maybe it's simply the transparency of it. I mean we all know a little more transparency would do this hobby a great deal of good... Whatever the case, as much as I love acetate, I love thick plexiglass more.

I can remember vividly when I was handed a Kobe Bryant UD Glass promo card. My jaw dropped.  My reaction was internal combustion. It was like a small explosion of the future and what COULD be done with cards was just multiplied by infinity and beyond. Immediately I thought of colored glass parallels, autographs and more. Sadly, I don't think the tech ever got the hobby love it deserved, or that I so selfishly wanted to explore.

When I heard rumblings that Leaf Trinty was going to have glass cards, I made sure I was going to get my hands on some. It's been ignored too long and I was beyond ecstatic to see it return. I can only hope that Leaf takes it to another level. It's not the most cost effective type of card to make and should remain a specialty item, but whoooo-hoooo am I happy to collect 2013 NFL rookie cards on this technology.

Here's recent break of Trinity I did, you can see how cool the cards look...

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