Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cryptozoic Covers The Walking Dead Comics With Set Two

The Walking Dead has become a pop culture phenomenon. From the mind of Robert Kirkman, the comic book that started it all has spawned a television show, and an enormous amount of commercial products ranging from action figures to trading cards. In fact there are multiple sets of trading cards that focus specifically on the TV show or the Comic Book. All have met with success.

This time around Cryptozoic revisits the comic book and the outstanding, dramatic, sometimes gory covers. The 72-card set recaps the many adventures Rick and his peeps have endured since the law officer awoke from a slumber. The comic and TV show are much different however. While many believe the show is extreme, the comic is far more violent and tragic. Many of the same characters are in both worlds, but their existence has some similarities and vast differences.

Have a look at the trading card set with this video box break:

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