Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Upper Deck Unleashes Marvel Beginnings II Trading Cards

Over the years Marvel Comics have introduced some of the most popular comic-book heroes. From the core Avengers including the Hulk, Captain America, Thor and Iron Man to Wolverine, Spider-Man, the Punisher and many, many more these fictional figures have become part of pop culture. For every one hero or villain that the average person would know by name or photo, there are 20 that they probably never heard of.

Marvel Beginnings gives Marvel fans the best of both worlds. You'll get profiles and a variety of characters from The Red Skull to the Skrulls, from Squirrel Girl to Spider-Ham, from the Taskmaster to Thanos.

A rub to some Marvel card collections of the past revisits hologram technology, and die-cut cards. You'll also get a look at some of the most important Marvel Comics covers from their most storied, well... stories.

Catapulting it into a league of its own are the Comic Panel cards where vintage comic book panels are placed into a super-thick, framed card. Along with a massive selection of sketch cards from top artists, and the inclusion of creator autographs including Stan Lee, there are many reasons the collection will resonate with the masses.

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