Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Totally Awesome - Press Pass Brings The Memorabilia!

Last year, I was very vocal about how bland some of the NASCAR checklists have been. Not only were the same guys in set after set, it became difficult to tell some of the cards apart from one another. Clearly Press Pass felt the same way as they dropped several lines and incorporated news ones into their release schedule.

Bolstering products like Showcase made a big difference too, but the introduction of Total Memorabilia and Redline were the kick in the pants the category needed. Total Memorabilia not only provided a big assortment of gear from top drivers, but it also contained autographs, many fresh faces to the NASCAR scene. Young Guns like the Cope Twins, Ty Dillon, Maryeve Dufault, & Harrison Burton made their debut on Press Pass cards.

The 2013 edition follows up with more rookies including Kyle Larson, Brian Ortiz, Nicole Lyons and a few others. It also contains tire swatches from several drivers that notched 2012 Sprint Cup victories, and the tires come from those particular races.

Priced at $100, it's one of the better products and the racing season hasn't even started!

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