Sunday, July 29, 2012

Just When I Thought I've Seen It All... Blank Ginter Card Sells For $27

This has been a fun week for oddities. I had to laugh when I saw someone selling cut out cards from the box of 2012 Allen & Ginter. I mean some had really decent bids and I couldn't believe that someone was bidding on them. They aren't real cards. They aren't autographed as the photo would lead you to believe, and if someone doesn't really read the description they are going to get hosed big time. It's a shame that this kind of thing happens, but if you bid without reading, you are almost as guilty as the guy putting them up on eBay hoping someone bids on them.

Here, have a look for yourself at these cut out cards.

While it was interesting looking at those cards and even more enjoyable poking fun at them, today I saw something even worse. Someone paid $27 for a blank piece of cardboard.

This was brought to my attention by a listener of my radio show. When I clicked the link, I thought it was a joke. Misprints happen all of the time. You could have the wrong back or the wrong front printed on a card, or you might have the back be printed upside down, but whatever the case, lots of errors happen.

But this one, I mean look at that description, it's a 1/1, it's a SP, heck it is a SSP, and its not just blank on the back, it's TOTALLY blank on both freakin' sides. Someone call the card police, its ON!

Ok, this is where I get a little pissy. You see with all the gimmicks that Ginter has, and the fact that they made a card of the Invisible Man, is it really out of the question that this is legit? Will people be thinking it's a clue for the Ginter code, or printed using invisible or glow in the dark ink, or something else? No, I bet that's exactly what the people that bid this error card up were thinking.

Well, I went directly to Topps to find out about this 1/1 TOTALLY blank card and it turns out it's not anything they claim to know about and they questioned its authenticity. Here's a quote from the @ToppsCards Twitter account, "not sure its real, could be misprint, i know we did the invisible man auto, but this was not planned, assuming its real!"

Either way, this is what we're coming to. Paying 1/4 of the price of a box of cards for a blank piece of cardboard. I wonder if the buyer would be interested in a 500-count box of blocker cards?

What are your thoughts, love to hear em. Are you the completest that NEEDS this card, the collector that thinks it's a conspiracy driven by crazy gimmicks, the one that makes fun of stuff like this, or the one that doesn't give a crap?


  1. 10 bids, holy crap, what is wrong with people. It's a stray piece of cardboard from the factory.

  2. The card is real. I purchased two hobby boxes and there was a totally blank card where a mini should have been in one of the packs. The only difference is that mine had a few short cuts in it coming in from one of the sides. I wish I would have had less confidence in people and thought to list mine.

  3. I hope the idiot who bought the card recycles it or there is really no hope for our planet.

  4. I'm not saying it isn't real, what I'm saying is that it is crazy to pay for a blank piece of cardboard. It will be very, very interesting to see how this plays out.