Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I Know I Tend To Exaggerate But... A Short Sun Times Recap

I went to the Sun-Times show this past weekend. I can do the show in about an hour tops. Really, that's all I need. I waited until the final day to go, so I could scope some good deals as the show was ready to close. I did well. I picked up some singles, some boxes and some supplies.

The show was smaller this time than the last time I went. I got in about 1pm and was gone by 3:30pm. When I shop for cards, I usually have a plan. I was looking for some 2012 Topps Archives SPs and inserts to complete my set. I struck out big time, so I bought another hobby box. Got a lot that I needed, so it all worked out. Still chasing the elusive Bryce Harper from that set, it's a fight I'll eventually win, I just need to do it at the price I want, not what it is currently selling for in the secondary market. I did pick up a couple boxes of Tristar Hidden Treasures Hockey for $2 a box and i have another blog post coming about that experience. It was both horrible and hilarious at the same time.

I like to have fun, if you haven't guessed that. It's hard to take this industry so seriously. In my quest to keep laughing, I also purposely look for some funny things at shows. Sometime I have to look hard, sometimes the humor just finds its way into my line of sight.

Here are two funny things (at least I thought they were funny) that I took photos of at the show. If you listen to Cardboard Connection Radio, you will hear us discuss the crazy amount of autographed cards that Bob Feller has. I know it is true. I have many myself and have seen so many at shows over the years that it has become comical to compare others that sign WAY TOO MUCH, to Feller. That's right, we've made it both a verb and an adjective.

Well, here's an image to back up my words. Trust me, this is only a portion of the box. There were at least 200-250 more all with one dealer. But look at the size of those piles! He Fellered the crap out of these cards!

This is nothing, there was a 500 count box full of them!
In addition, I learned something. Ralph Kiner, has almost as many autos out there as Feller. Right next to the Fellers was a couple rows of Kiner sigs. Just Brutal, and believe me when I say Pete Rose is either right on track to join them as the next $10-$15 sig of a guy that should be much, much more.

As I was leaving the show. I witnessed the death of the hobby spreading like wildfire in the room. Ok, I am really exaggerating that point. There were plenty of people there spending money, getting autographs and enjoying themselves. The death was only in one part of the room. Out of the corner of my eye I caught Mr. Mint sitting by his lonesome. He reminded me of Virgil when he attends shows. Do you remember Virgil? He was the bodyguard for Ted DiBiase in the WWF. There is a whole blog devoted to him and how lonely he is at shows across the globe.

I wanted to see the hobby from his perspective and see it through his eyes. Here's what I saw...

It looked pretty bleak. What do you think? I'd think the hobby was dead too if all I saw was this for an entire day. I almost wish I was there for the other 2 to see if it was any better, because it couldn't have gotten worse.

I went home happy. I got some cards, some supplies and some laughs. 

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