Monday, April 22, 2013

2013 Topps Tribute Baseball - High End, High Yield, High Stakes

I've always liked the concept and appearance of Topps Tribute. It looks elegant, I'd say it would be the BMW of collecting. It's not the Lamborghini, but it is a brand that stands out on its own, is of a higher grade than other baseball cards and it usually delivers. You might find a lemon every once an awhile, or you might enjoy an experience of a lifetime.

Make sense to you? Not every box of Tribute is a game-changer, some are, but even in the boxes where the value doesn't seem to match up, there could be some long term potetnial that turns a mediocre box into a powerhouse down the road. I've had a few experiences like that with this product over the years because of the widespread mix of players on the checklist. Tribute's best element is the inclusion of baseball players from the past, present and future. From Willie Mays to Prince Fielder to Manny Machado, a multitude of generations is covered.

Originally priced at nearly $350 per box, it's come down to about $275. For all of the great elements like bat knobs, bat plates, eye black and the great looking designs and autos, there are a few shortcomings too. Small white swatches for instance are something you can find anywhere, they should be larger than life in a product like Tribute.

Have a look at what's in a box.

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