Saturday, March 30, 2013

ITG Shoots & Scores With Motown Madness A Trading Card Tribute to the Detroit Red Wings

There are not many sports franchises that can be the sole subject of a trading card product. The NY Yankees, Real Madrid, The Montreal Canadiens, The Dallas Cowboys, Manchester United, The Boston Celtics and the LA Lakers could easily fill their own sets, but not too many other ones could and make money for a card manufacturer.

The Detroit Red Wings are another one that can fill a mighty long checklist with top names and at the same time make many fans and collectors reminisce about the 90+ years of making Detroit affectionately and passionately known as Hockeytown.

In The Game absolutely nailed this set. From the base cards to the manufactured patches to the autographs and real game-used items this collection will appease a Red Wings fan like no other.

I can already hear other hockey fans crying about this one. Guess what, if you are open-minded there is something here for you, if not... tough. It's called Motown Madness for a reason jerky!

Check out the box break video and if you want some more info about the product, be sure to visit the Cardboard Connection Motown Madness page.

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