Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cardboard Connection Radio with Brent Williams, Paul Lesko & Chris Carlin

Last night a fast-paced, informative Cardboard Connection Radio show aired. We were fortunate enough to land an interview with Upper Deck's Chris Carlin to discuss the unbelievable week he and other UD staff endured with the loss of their CEO and hobby icon, Richard McWilliam. Topics included some of McWilliam's great accomplishments, his lasting legacy within the hobby, the new UD President Jason Masherah, and the upcoming National Hockey Day promotion.

We also discussed the impact McWilliam's death will have on litigation involving the Upper Deck Company with attorney Paul Lesko during our Law of Cards segment.

And if you were ever wondering how much you could make as a case breaker using Topps products, Brent Williams breaks down data from 17 case breakers of 2012 Topps products. You'll be surprised at the results.

To listen to the Cardboard Connection Radio show archive of this episode, use this link.

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