Thursday, April 5, 2012

Benchwarmer White Box Report - 2012 Industry Summit

One of the most amazing things about the Industry Summit is the excitement that you can see on the face of the attendees when they get one of the amazing gifts at the event. It is truly an unforgettable experience when you see the people that work within the industry get the same thrill that collectors get when they open a pack or a box of cards.

One of the more impressive giveaways came from Benchwarmer after a fantastic presentation from their President Brian Wallos. He brought out a White Box filled with limited edition memorabilia & autographed cards as a gift for the attendees. He also had Benchwarmer girls Mary Riley, Shay Lyn Veasy, Candace Kita and Lisa Gleave in attendance signing autographs and greeting attendees. It was by far the best looking booth at the show.

Check out this video to see the madness that ensued. It was truly beautiful chaos.

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