Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Peja Failakovic

What is this card? What does the title of this post mean? Tune in to Cardboard Connection Radio to find out.


  1. it is the card that doug got a couple days ago and he is upset cause the signture is covered up and he thinks the company should of 1 not sent it to him 2 warned him about it 3 gave him another opption on if he wanted that card or another he wants us the listners to let him no what to do..or he said he was going to give it out as a prize i hope this is what he wanted i love the show u guys are awesome..anyway douglogy means they should check there merchandise before shipped out or quilty control well that is my oppion i hope i got it somwat

  2. it is a very nice card the company should of asked or emailed you about it that is my the show last night was a good one i learn alot about cars and the companys i am a small collector just starting out well couple years but to some collectors that is small time.anyway these post are my oppion thank u doug..

  3. if the swatch was bigger you would have gotten a full auto. Looked like he was running out the door when he signed this.