Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Redemption Report - The Race Is On

Run, Run, Run as fast as you can, you can't catch me, I am the redemption card man.

I have several redemption cards floating around with various companies. As I wait for the them to return, or not return, I find myself sitting on some of them for a tad before sending them in. I have no idea if it even matters anymore. The last few have been replacements, and I could wait until the final day to redeem if I chose to get some random card back instead of the one that was supposed to be in the product.

I was looking around my desk yesterday to put together the Cardboard Connection Radio Secret Santa prize package and I found 3 redemption cards in addition to the one I found in the box of Prime Cuts I opened live on the show.

I thought this could be a fun game, I'll call it, "Race for the Redemption".

I am going to input all four of these redemption cards on the same day, and I'll see and report on which ones return to me in the shortest span of time.

Here are the cards in question:

First up is a 2012 Topps Prime Football Prime V Autographed Gold Relic of my least favorite 2012 NFL Draft Pick Coby Fleener. All kidding aside, Fleener is a good player, it's just that with the exception of like two products, he's been the hit in nearly every NFL product I've opened this season. This one could wind up being a prize on the radio show or at one of my presentations.

Next on the list is a 2012 Topps Triple Threads Auto Relic Parallel of the Seattle Seahawks Robert Turbin. This is a card I actually want as Turbin is solid, and I collect rookie autos. Because of my Fleener mojo, he had eluded me to this point of pulling this redemption card.

The third card on the agenda is an auto of the A's Derek Norris from 2012 Panini Prime Cuts. Norris has cards as far back as 2007 Bowman Chrome, so this to me is a weird card to find as a redemption. I am actually curious to find out how this didn't make it back to Panini in time for the pack out. I am not an A's fan or a Norris fan, so this will probably make its way into a Cardboard Connection Radio listener's hands.

Finally we have a 2012 Panini Certified Freshman Fabric Ronnie Hilman card. I can't wait to see this card. Hilman is another 2012 rookie I look forward to adding to my 2012 auto collection.

So, who will win? It's up in the air, just like when we find one of these putrid excuses for an athlete not returning his cards on time.

Watch for updates on all four cards right here at the Manifesto...

Trading Card Companies...

on your marks, get set...


Update (2/4/2014): I thought that this would have been updated rather quickly, but it was not to be. So far of the redemptions shown above, I have received the Fleener and the Turbin from Topps and neither of the Panini cards have shipped. Time for a phone call to customer service for an update...

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  1. This is brilliant. Who will the winner be? Topps or Panini? Neither, they both used redemption cards.