Monday, December 10, 2012

Brilliant Design, Familiar Tech, Big Set, 2 Autos Per Box -- Prizm Basketball Has Arrived

After a battle for the name Chromium, Panini selected the moniker Prizm for its new product line. It brings basketball collectors a 300-card set, limited parallels in both retail and hobby versions, USA Basketball cards and 2 autos per box $100 box.

After a 4-day litmus test I can also tell you that the cards do not curl. Repeat, the cards do NOT curl.

So far Panini has to excited about the buzz of Prizm, collectors in the social media circles have been singing its praises and the parallels are on fire on the auction circuit.

Have a look at our box. It wasn't the best box, but it has potential and definitely left me wanting more.

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