Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Lifetime Ago - Hot Comics Premiere #1

Hot Comics Cover
I was a punk at age 24. I thought I could take on the world and knock it flat on its ass. I knew exactly what I wanted to do for a living from the time I was 4. I began drawing and writing comic books before my first day of Kindergarten.

I took a majority of art classes and went to the Joe Kubert School to learn from the best. Some unfortunate family issues forced me to not finish and graduate, but I felt I learned enough to land a job. My dream though was to self-publish a comic book.

I didn't know all of the things I needed to, and learned while doing it. I also didn't realize how much it cost in 1994, when I wasn't making a great living. I did the best I could and surrounded myself with some incredibly talented people. That year, I lived out my dream and published Hot Comics Premiere #1.

It's not the best comic I've ever read, it's not the worst. Either way, I'm darn proud of doing exactly what I set out to do. A few people have asked me about it because I discussed it recently so I thought with the technology available today, I could put together an eBook version of it.

Here it is for you to enjoy, free of charge... Just click the cover image.

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